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AZOP’s Lake Powell Grand Prix and Hare Scrambles Saw Perfect Weather and a Perfectly Brutal Course - 4-10-2019

AZOP’s Lake Powell Grand Prix and Hare Scrambles Saw Perfect Weather and a Perfectly Brutal Course

Third round of AZOP’s 2019 Rowley White RV Championship series challenged competitors and machines just to finish.

2019 AZOP Series, Round 3, Page, AZ March 30-31, 2019

Written by: Miller Truby All images © Miller Truby

The Arizona Offroad Promotions Rowley White RV Series made its way north to Page, AZ and the picturesque edge of Lake Powell for the third round of the 2019 season. Though the Lake Powell race has been a staple of the AZOP series, this year’s race weekend - which was presented by Page Honda Polaris, B&B Auto Repair, and Antelope Slot Canyon Tours - featured a new format in the form of a short-course grand prix race on Saturday and a long-course hare scramble on Sunday. The Saturday short course was a heavily whooped-out and mostly very sandy 5-mile loop, while the 15-mile Sunday course used the first half of the short course, but then split off and ran down to the bluffs above the lake which kept competitors on their toes by sending them out of the soft red sand and onto the slippery rocks. The rocky sections were surprisingly technical, with steep drops, off-camber sections, and softball-sized rock gardens leading directly into sandy climbs.

Racers and volunteer sweep-riders all seemed to agree that this was one of the most challenging and interesting tracks AZOP has ever run. I can personally attest that my poor KLX 450 got dumped in the deep sand a handful of times, and I heard several of the sweep riders make similar remarks about their own rides. Sure enough, a cursory glance at social media after the weekend revealed a wealth of helmet-cam footage from riders struggling through the various sections of the course. In the end no one was complaining and even the riders and drivers who struggled seemed to appreciate the challenge posed by the AZOP track-makers.

Saturday - Grand Prix Races:

Saturday’s racing started bright and early as a beautiful, calm day dawned in Page. The “pee wee” classes were up first as they took to their own short course, which was essentially the infield area of the full size track near the pits. Even for the kiddie classes, the course was sandy and difficult, with some big whoop sections and steep hills.

The 170/250cc UTV’s were up first with four entries - all competing in the 170cc class. The top three drivers all managed to finish 12 laps across the 30 minute race, with Liam Salas Fisher (115) eventually winning by a few seconds over Stevie Mclaws (66) and Erik Alvidrez (116).


The Pee Wee Quads rolled to the starting area next for their turn in the sand. The four riders in the 80cc+ Advanced Pee Wee class battled all the way through the full 30 minutes, with multiple passes happening for the lead throughout the race. Landen Johnson (34) took the top podium spot in his class and in the overall with 14 laps completed, while Tevin Freeman (44) and Brendon Turner (95) placed second and third, respectively, with 13 laps each.

In 80cc+ Beginner Pee Wee Jack Wilson (222) rode to an 11-lap win, while Tatum Bransitter (5) finished second and Kaiden Lee (7) came in third, both with 11 laps completed as well.

The 50-79cc 4-6 year old class was won by Lane Johnson (289) who managed 10 laps in the 30 minute time limit. Second place went to Tyler Wade (88) who finished 9 laps, and third went to Emma Martinez (56) with 8 laps completed.


The Pee Wee Bikes made their way to the start area for their turn in the deep sand. The track was packed with parents and volunteers expecting carnage in the challenging conditions and though there were certainly some crashes, the kids acquitted themselves very well! It certainly helped that the top three overall spots were won by local riders familiar with the conditions around Page.

For the second weekend in a row, Kaycee Curley (238) came out and dominated, putting down 20 laps at a blistering pace and taking the overall and class win in 50cc 7-8 years old. Rhylan Benally (12) finished second in class and overall with 19 laps done, while Ryder Yates (153) finished third in the class with 9 laps.

The 65cc-C Pee Wee class was won by Aayden Tracy (308), who also garnered the third overall podium spot. Karlyle Barney (045) took second in class while Wyatt Massey (419) finished third.

In the 50cc 4-6 years old class it was Courtney Curley (25) making her way to the top spot on the podium. Brayden Almendarez (187) finished second, and Jayce Tracy (301) finished third.


Once the Pee Wee classes had cleared the course, it was time for the big quads to make their way onto the the full-length GP track. In the Pro class, two local riders from Page jumped out to an early lead and never really let up, showing that comfort with the local terrain was definitely an advantage. Jarrett Curley (15) completed 7 laps and won the class and the overall with a commanding lead. Erin Simmons (1) brought home second place in class and overall with 6 laps completed. Third in the pro class and overall went to Tyler Benally (12).

The Expert quad race went to Noah Harris (62), with Nick Helton (808) and Michael Mack (821) bringing in second and third, respectively. All three riders completed 6 laps.

Ian Sessions (27) took the win in the Sportsman class, finishing just 9 seconds ahead of second place rider Layne Fryar (974). Brian Jackson (133) took the third podium spot.


The mini quads took to the GP course once the big quads had finished up. Marcus Harris (3) won the overall and the 250cc-400cc Mini class. Gabriel Simmons (4) finished second overall and won the 91-300cc 10-15 Year Old Mini class, while Sarah Tsosie (8) finished third overall and second in the class.


While the mini quad turnout was fairly small, the mini bikes saw a relatively large field and featured some extremely close racing. Keegan Hardy (381) held on for the overall and 80-150cc A Mini class win, finishing just 1.6 seconds ahead of Jonathan Kirat (1429), who took second in class and overall. Third overall and in the class went to Brett West (532).

Marley Kuhn (21) took first place in the 65cc A mini class.

Clayton Hixon (130) took the top podium spot in the 80-150cc C mini class, while Colin Skersick (413) took home second. Jaxon Steele (199) brought home third place in the class.

Ellie Koester (93) dominated the Women C class, finishing a full lap ahead of Skye Greenfield (049) and Grace Vinagro (191) in second and third, respectively.

Chase Boyd (4) took first in the 80-150cc B mini class. Danny Baca (48) took second place in the class.

In the 65cc B class, Cooper Skersick (247) won with three laps completed, while Owen Wesley (928) finished second and Mason Koester (76) finished third.


As the beautiful morning gave way to a warm and clear afternoon, the 60-plus entries in the Big Bike classes headed to the starting area for their turn on the sandy whoops of Page. The Pro class and overall podium was topped by Miguel Cordovez (909), who put in 6 smooth laps. Taylor Stevens (063) took the second spot in class and overall 25 seconds later. For the second time on Saturday Jarrett Curley (047) put himself on the podium, this time in the third spot in class and overall - having won the Big Quad race earlier in the day.

The Open A class went to Austin Alexander (95), who managed to find the speed to finish 3-plus minutes ahead of second place, despite not having a functional 5th gear. The second podium spot went to Luke Vermilyea (96), and third place went to David Richards (196).

Kaden Vermilyea (100) won the 125-250cc A class, while Tim Dana (104) finished up second in class.

Kaden Bedlion (429) brought home first in the 125-250cc B class. Colton Edwards (29) took second, while Malachi Manheimer (166) took third.

Matt Young (72) took the win in the Senior 40+ A class ahead of Starley Stevens (066).

In the 125-250cc C class, Dakota Tojan (471) took first. Anthony Luna (700) brought home second place and Cole Haley (42) finished third.

Open B was won by Dylan Manning (249), with Jarren Atwater (317) finishing less than a minute later. Wyatt Moore (305) brought home the third podium spot.

Richard Genovese was the only entry in the Super Senior 60+ class, but that didn’t stop him from completing 5 laps and ending up well into the top half of the overall standings.

Open C went to Jake Moffat (343). Graigen Jordan (061) took second place, while Channon Yazzie (376).

The Senior 40+ B class was won by Cliff Anderson (149). Zack Greenfield (312) placed second in the class and Micah Chlarson (133) took third.

Senior 40+ C went to Francisco Teran (713) ahead of Ron Corey (044) and Juan Rivas (5), respectively.

Josh Serna (121) took the win in Vet 30+ A.

Vet 30+ B was won by Jacob Letner (83), who was followed by Darren Ben (732) in second, and Matthew Land (864) in third.

Vet 30+ C went to Ian Denetsosie (057).

The Women’s class was won by Shania Stevens (064).


With the full course cleared of the smaller machines, it was time for the UTV’s to have their opportunity to challenge the deep sand. The 570cc class had three entries, with Grace Vinagro (1910) taking the win over teammate Ellie Koester (1901). Third place went to Chelsie Lee (212).

As the 570’s cleared the course, it was time for the UTV main event to get started. With the sun falling low in the western sky and long shadows falling across the course, the 16 entries across four classes hit the starting area. The Pro class and overall was won by Aaron Henry (209). Kody Winiecki (903) took second in the class and overall.

Clayton Winiecki (901) took third overall and won the 1000cc non-turbo class. Evan Striplin (902) took second in the class, while John Nix (2004) took third.

Tobias Gavin (1212) brought home the Unlimited Turbo class win, followed up by Daniel Hurn (969) in second and Kirk Sutherland (998) in third.

The 700cc class was won by Aidan Lee (211) with Robert Brizzee (1176) coming in second.



Sunday - Hare Scramble Races:

As a second day of perfect weather dawned on Sunday the pits were buzzing with activity as the first time format change called for a very different course that would force riders and drivers to adapt on the fly without the benefit of having seen the full track the previous day. As the larger classes made their preparations, the pee-wee riders and drivers took to the short “infield” track to duke it out in the sand.


First up on Sunday were the Pee Wee Bikes and, just the same as she had on Saturday, it was Kaycee Curley (238) putting on a clinic. She completed 20 laps and took the overall win as well as the 50cc 7-8 Year Old Pee Wee class. Rhylan Benally (12) finished second in class and overall, while Ryder Yates (153) finished third in the class. Curley leads the season point standings with 120, followed by Lane Oden in second with 67, and Benally in third with 50.

In 65cc C Pee Wee Aayden Tracy (308) took the class win and was good enough for third overall. Karlyle Barney (045) took second in class and Wyatt Massey (419) took third. Tracy now owns a share of first place in the season standings with 60 (tied with Cooper Skersick). Chase James sits in third place with 59 points.

Brayden Almendarez (187) took first in the 50cc 4-6 Year Old Pee Wee class. Courtney Curley (25) was second and Jayce Tracy (301) took third. Curley now owns a commanding lead with 136 points on the season. Almendarez is in second with 85 points, and Hayden Griffith is third with 57.


The Pee Wee Quads were out next and the 80cc+ Advanced class set a blistering pace on the very short track. Landen Johnson (34) got the win with 14 laps completed. Brendon Turner (95) took home second place and Tavin Freeman (44) finished up third. Those three also took the top three overall spots. Freeman leads the season points with 131, with Turner in second at 117, and Brayden Earlewine in third with 108.

Top spot in the 80cc+ Beginner class belonged to Jack Wilson (222). Kaiden Lee (31) finished second in class and Tatum Bransitter (5) took third place. Wilson now owns a significant lead in the season points with 145. Lee sits in second place with 98, while Cade Little sits in third with 69.

In the 50-79cc 4-6 Year Old Pee Wee class it was Tyler Wade (88) taking a close win over Lane Johnson (289) and Emma Martinez (56) respectively. The win put Wade into the lead for the season points with 101. Second place belongs to Brantley Little with 90, while Destry Dugi is in third with 61.


The 170/250cc UTV’s were out next to finish up the “pee wee” course races for the weekend. Stevie Mclaws (66) jumped out to an early lead and reeled off 13 hard laps, taking the win over Liam Salas Fisher (115) and Erik Alvidrez (116), respectively. Salas Fisher owns the series lead at 111 points, with Mclaws in second with 98 points, and Ryder Wilson in third with 80 points.


As the day warmed up the Big Quads lined up to be the day’s first vehicles on the full-length hare scramble course. The 15 mile loop used the first half of Saturday’s GP course but then split off to the north and ran toward the bluffs above Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon before returning to the pits along the rocky base of the cliffs.

Despite the very different track conditions, the race was a near repeat of Saturday’s results, with Jarrett Curley (15) taking his Honda to the top of the podium in the Pro class and overall for the second day in a row. Erin Simmons (1) once again took second overall and in class, while Tyler Benally (12) took third in the Pros and overall. Simmons owns the Pro points lead with 80, while Koby Dodson sits in second with 64 and Curley sits third with 60.

Noah Harris (62) won the Expert Class for the second day in a row, followed by Nick Helton (808), who placed second for the second day in a row, and Michael Mack (821), who repeated his third place finish from Saturday. Helton leads the series with 140 points, followed by Mack at 100, and Harris at 60.

In the Sportsman class it was Brian Jackson (133) improving on his Saturday result by winning the class outright on Sunday. Jayden Jackson (77) took second place and Marcus Harris (3) finished third. Jackson owns the points lead with 111, followed by Layne Fryar at 89 and Ian Sessions at 48.


The Mini Quads headed out next to contest their two-entry race on the shorter Grand Prix circuit (the same as they raced on Saturday). Both 91-300cc 10-15 Year Old Mini riders completed 3 laps in the allotted time, with Gabriel Simmons (4) taking the win for the second day in a row over Sarah Tsosie (8). Simmons now owns the season points lead with 90, while Tsosie sits in second place with 75. Elizabeth George is in third place with 25 points.


The Mini Bikes came out next to take on the Grand Prix course for the second day in a row. In a reversal of the previous day’s results, it was Jonathan Kirat (1429) taking first overall and in the 80-150cc A class. Keegan Hardy (381) finished second overall and in the class. Brett West (532) took third place overall and in class. Travis Boyd leads the series points with 115, followed closely by Porter May at 109. Kirat is in third place with 85 points.

In the 80-150cc B class it was Chase Boyd (4) taking the win over Danny Baca (48). Boyd holds a massive lead in the season standings at 145 points, while Baca now sits in second with 50 points.

80-150cc C went to Clayton Hixon (130) for the second day in a row. Danny Carter (71) took the second spot on the podium. Colson Skersick (413) rode into third place. Colson leads the series points with 121, followed closely by Jaxon Steele at 115 and Skersick at 104.

Cooper Skersick (247) capped off his perfect weekend in the 65cc B class by winning for the second day in a row. Sam Yazzie (072) came second, while Owen Wesley (928) took home third. Wesley owns a slim series point lead at 122 to Skersick’s 120. Tristin Andrade is in third with 51 points.

Marley Kuhn (21) took the win in 65cc A and owns the series lead with 150 points.

Ellie Koester (93) won the Women’s C Mini class for the second day in a row. She now holds a commanding lead in the series with 120 points. Emilee Carter is in second with 75, while Grace Vinagro sits third with 63.


With the mini bikes finishing up for the weekend it was time to return to the full-length hare scramble course as the Big Bikes lined up for their second race of the weekend. Despite the very different course, the overall and Pro class podium was the same as it had been the previous day, with Miguel Cordovez (909) taking the win, Taylor Stevens (063) finishing second, and Jarrett Curley (047) taking third. Cordovez now owns first place in the Pro season standings with 60, followed by Quanah Smith in second at 36, and Dominic Dugi in third with 32.

David Richards (196) took the Open A win by a scant 5 seconds over Austin Alexander (95). Quintin Begay (074) took third place. Alexander leads the season series with 122, while Richards sits in second with 103. Brian Perry is in third place with 53 points.

125-250cc A went to Tim Dana (104) who now owns a big lead in the points standings with 115. Kaden Vermilyea sits in second with 60.

125-250cc B went to Kaden Bedlion (429) for the second day in a row, with Malachi Manheimer (166) finishing second and Herman Yazzie (071) taking third. Colton Edwards is first in the season points with 119, while Dustin Queen sits in second with 64, and Bedlion in third with 60 (tied with Collier Martinez).

In 125-250cc C the win went to Anthony Luna (700). Dakota Tojan (471) took second place while Cole Haley (42) took third. Luna and Jaeqon Peterson are tied atop the point standings, each with 100 points. Cole Haley sits in a close third with 96.

Master 50+ B wend to Dan Diemer (128). Ron Simpson (625) took second place. Diemer and Simpson are now tied for first place in the season points standings with 55 each. Richard Heyer is in third with 42.

The Open B class went to Dustin Queen (974), followed by Jarren Atwater (317). Atwater leads the points for the season with 94, followed by Tate Van Voorst with 66, and Wyatt Moore with 63.

Open C was won by Jacob Moraga (800), while Joe Walkup (58) was second, followed by Jacob Robinson (403) in third. Robinson holds a slight lead in the season standings with 87 points, followed closely by Moraga at 82 and Walkup at 75.

Matt Young (720) won the Senior 40+ A class and holds the class points lead with 60.

Senior 40+ C went to Juan Rivas, who took over the class points lead with 76. Francisco Teran is in second with 60, followed by Matt Gurtler with 21.

Vet 30+ B was won by Darren Ben (732). Ben now sits first in the standings with 55, followed by Nick McDonnell and Kyle Kinsman, tied at 30 apiece.


With the shadows elongating across the course and the prospect of the work-week beginning the next day, the decision was made to combine the 570cc UTV race with the full-size UTV’s. The two entries in the 570’s would start at the back of the field and would only run one lap of the full hare scramble course, while the full size machines would run the full 1.5 hour race.

The overall win went to Bill Nash (3262) in the Unlimited Turbo class. Tobias Gavin (1212) took second in the class, followed by Bruce Sutton (617) in third. Dan Hurn sits in first place in the class with 64 points, while Greg Hamilton is second with 58. Gavin sits a very close third with 55.

In the Pro class it was Aaron Henry (209) taking the class win (and second overall) for the second day in a row. Kody Winiecki (903) took second in the Pros and third overall. Winiecki owns the points lead with 117, followed by Brian Crawford at 64, and Henry in third at 60.

In the 1000cc Non-Turbo class Clayton Winiecki (901) took the win for the second day in a row. Logan Jespersen (11) took second, while Evan Striplin (902) took third. Winiecki is in first with 111 season points, followed by Striplin at 97, and Paul Romanek at 66.

In the 570cc class it was Grace Vinagro (1910) once again taking the win. Ellie Koester (1901) repeated her second place finish from Saturday. Vinagro leads the overall points at 120, with Mia Lloyd in second with 81, and Koester in third with 63.



As always AZOP would like to thank all of the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another successful and fun weekend of racing. For more coverage, videos, and photos or to find out about upcoming events go to

Poor Brother's Racing Rips Lake Powell. - 4-2-2019

Round 3 of the AZOP series saw us travel to beautiful Lake Powell for an action packed weekend of racing.

Saturday saw the team facing a challenging Grand Prix course. Team rider Danny Baca #48 was up first racing 80-150cc B. Danny was able to secure a 2nd place finish aboard his KTM 85SX. Next up was big bikes which saw the rest of the team competing with each other. Weston Awater #722 took off to an early lead snagging the holeshot. Dustin Queen #974 was easily able to secure a 4th place finish aboard his Yamaha YZ250FX in the 125-250cc B class. Jarren Atwater #317 was able to secure a spot on the podium placing 2nd in Open B aboard his Suzuki RMZ250. The rest of Open B saw Team Riders Aidan O'Brien#175 place 5th aboard his Yamaha YZ250X and Weston Atwater #722 place 7th on his KTM 350SX-F respectively. Last but not least, Tanner Lindley #174 found himself finishing 8th aboard his Honda CRF450R in the Open C class.

Sunday’s Race was then the Hare Scramble with a tough course mixing soft sand and technical rock sections. 
Once again our first race found Danny Baca #48 finishing 2nd place even after stopping during the race to help a downed rider. Way to go Danny for lending a hand when seeing a rider in need. Next was big bikes with Dustin Queen #974 finding himself on the top spot of the podium with a 1st place finish in Open B, followed closely by Jarren Atwater #317 taking 2nd place. Tanner Lindley #174 had some issues and went over the bars. In spite of this he managed to carry on and found himself finish 8th in Open C. Congratulations to everyone. Solid weekend of racing.

Poor Brother's Racing adds two new riders - 3-12-19

Poor Brothers Racing is proud to announce the addition of two new team riders. #175 Aidan O’Brien in the 125/250 B division and #48 Danny Baca in the Mini division. Looking forward to what the rest of the year brings us! Best of luck to them both!

Ridge Motorsports Park - New Pacific Northwest Performance Center - 3-11-19


Ridge Motorsports Park - New Pacific Northwest Performance Center Geared Up for Spring/Summer 2019 Grand Opening

Revving engines, cheering crowds and unparalleled excitement are part of what to expect at the new Ridge Motorsports Park Performance Center opening this spring/summer, but they’re not the only things. While the 9,585-square-foot complex will serve as motorsports and event venue, it also doubles as a community resource, training and career center; triples as a corporate destination for meetings, seminars, trade-shows and retreats; and quadruples as a thriving hub to be enjoyed by everyone in the nation.

“Ridge Motorsports Park owners Joe Manke and Rusty Gill have poured their passion into making this a phenomenal place not only for racers, but for the local community as well,” said Ridge general manager Tracie Schmitt.

“By supporting additional jobs for our region and serving as a training platform for young adults, this complex creates beneficial opportunities not only from a job and career standpoint, but from an economic standpoint. The complex is designed to bring in events that support local economics while offering a destination that lets everyone see what an amazing community we have.”

"With private funding secured and permitting in place, we have broken ground on the project and are meeting all milestones on our construction schedule. We are very excited to be working with a great construction team that includes Kaufman Construction & Development, Inc., Auburn Mechanical, and Stetner Electric"

A longstanding dream became reality with the opening of the existing Ridge Motorsports Park in 2012, and its wild popularity and community support rapidly brought on momentous growth. The park, located at 1060 West Eells Hill Road in Shelton, Washington, had grown from 176 events in 2016 to more than 400 events in 2018.

The national-caliber facility has hosted events that range from BMW of North America’s legendary BMW M Track Days to RM Sotheby’s production highlight for the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO that sold for $48 million.

The need to support clients and fans with a complex that provided both a professional and entertainment environment launched the concept of the new Performance Center. Like the existing facility, the new Performance Center has been built entirely with private funding. Future growth and expansions will share the same financial approach.

The new building allows racing and entertainment to be enjoyed from the inside with an open layout, but it also allows other areas to be closed off for private meetings and other exclusive events. The facility’s Ridge Training Center is designed to accommodate a host of activities for Ridge purposes as well as outside clients. These can include daily staff meetings, educational and product training, client engagement events, business meetings, and management gatherings and retreats.


The new Ridge Performance Center was designed to not only meet corporate needs, but to also create a fun and inviting atmosphere for every visitor. The two-floor facility provides a range of amenities and options that offer something for everyone – businesses, guests and the local community.

The first floor features the training center, performance shop, Grand Prix track registration and café.

Ridge Training Center: 
The versatile design of the Ridge Training Center provides a professional environment in a private space, but with a Pacific Northwest twist. The training center offers two roll-up doors that can be opened to enjoy a spectacular view and fresh air of the surrounding environment.

The training center is ideal for motorsports driver and rider introductions and training, product display and marketing, and meetings of all types and sizes. It also comes equipped with top-of-the-line audio-visual equipment is for presentations.

Ridge Performance Shop: 
All visitors are welcome to browse the items and enjoy the invigorating ambiance of the Ridge Performance Shop. Guests will find a lineup of Ridge apparel and accessories, such as sweatshirts, coats, T-shirts, lanyards, water bottles and more. Music and videos add to the atmosphere. Purchase items on the spot or browse and order additional items online.

Ridge Grand Prix Registration: 
Ridge Grand Prix Registration shares the space of the Ridge Performance Shop. Guests can watch lap times on the Ridge Grand Prix while registering and waiting for the upcoming session on the Ridge Grand Prix track.

Ridge Café: 
Like the training center, the Ridge Café provides full enjoyment of the great outdoors while maintaining a comfortable environment protected from the weather. It was also designed with the everyday Ridge Performance Center guests in mind.

Quality food in a cozy, café-style atmosphere is on the menu, with dishes that delight a wide variety of tastes. As the main hub for all performance center catering and daily operations, the café features comfortable seating and locations to charge electronics while waiting for classes on the track.

The Ridge Performance Center’s second floor is home to the main greeting area, the banquet hall, private restrooms and a pair of event suites. Food service in the suites is handled by Ridge Catering, and each suit also has access to the Ridge Café.

Main Greeting Area: 
The main greeting area features a check-in desk and exclusive VIP seating.

Banquet Hall: 
The banquet hall offers 2,156-square-feet of luxurious space, including the main banquet room, a lounge area for registration, catering or VIPs, and a catering prep area. The space can accommodate a dance floor, stage and any number of generous seating arrangements.

The highlight of the banquet area is the set of double doors that lead to its 800-square-foot walkout mezzanine overlooking the Ridge Grand Prix and national-caliber 2.47-mile Ridge Road Course.

Event Suite 1 – The Business Suite: 
The Business Suite was designed with corporate function in mind, and it can be structured to facilitate a wide scope of events. This suite fills the demand the center has seen for client engagement and management retreats, and its layout can be changed to accommodate conferences, large-scale discussions or entertaining clients during the Ridge Grand Prix kart racing.

The 550-square-foot suite comes with a bar, buffet and double doors with access to a private mezzanine overlooking Ridge Grand Prix, Ridge Road Course, and the upper paddock.

Event Suite 2 – The Celebration Suite: 
The Celebration Suite is ideal for all types of private gatherings and parties. This applies to birthday parties, engagement parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, corporate parties and reunions.

The 550-square-foot Celebration Suite features a bar, buffet and double doors with access to a private mezzanine overlooking Ridge Grand Prix, Ridge Road Course, and the upper paddock.


The amenities available at the new Ridge Performance Center are supplement by the existing features at Ridge Motorsports Park.

The park has had the honor of partnering with some of the most notable names in the industry, and those partnerships and lineup of exciting events are expected to expand with the expansion of the overall offerings.

The Ridge: 
The Ridge is a multi-surface facility offering a 2.47 mile road course that includes the Ridge Complex and an elevation change of more than 300 feet. The track is complimented by 16 turns as well as a 50-foot plunge down the Ridge Complex.

Ridge Grand Prix: 
As the only kart track replica in North America, Ridge Grand Prix is a 1/5 scale version of the Ridge Motorsports Park nationally recognized road course. Ridge Grand Prix has all the same features as its road course big brother, including elevation change, blind corners and the park’s signature Ridge Complex.

Ridge MX: 
The AMA-sanctioned Ridge MX track is more than 1 mile long, ideal for the race series and more than 230 riders it sees every year. The national-caliber circuit is comprised of more than 13 different corners, including the 90-foot tripe and the Ridge “Step Up.” Prestigious events in the track’s lineup include The Loretta Lynn Qualifier, slated for April 19 to 21.

Two Skid Pads: 
The facility’s two skid pads offer driver skill training, auto cross, drifting, car shows and numerous additional activities.

Ridge Off-Road Park: 
The new Ridge Off-Road Park offers an exciting ride for the off-road dirt enthusiast. The track currently consists of a dirt drag strip and obstacle course for ATV and UTVs. Ridge Off-Road Park likewise supports events such as MudFest, the West Coast Subaru Show and manufacturing testing.


As the Pacific Northwest’s premier destination motorsports complex, the Ridge is located near the city of Shelton in Mason County, between the picturesque Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. The region is not only hailed for its stunning, natural forest environment and spectacular views of Mt. Rainier and Mt St. Helens, but it’s also the birthplace of racing in Washington state.

Located minutes from the Olympic National Forest and Hood Canal, the park’s central position serves the major population centers of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, as well as British Columbia Canada.

The private airport of Sanderson Field is fewer than 2 miles away, featuring a 5,000-foot runway and general aviation facilities to serve private aircraft's and business jets.

Ridge Motorsport Park has been home to many notable events and activities, including BMW M Days, the West Coast Subaru Show and Olympus Rally. It was also the facility of choice for RM Sotheby’s Monterey auction that broke records selling a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO for $48 million. Manufacturer days have included Porsche, Honda, Chevrolet, BMW, and Ford.

Proper Antenna Mounting - 11-20-2018

A bad coaxial cable or an improperly mounted antenna can restrict two-way radio range from miles to feet. 

Mounting your antenna properly determines the range of your two-way radios. Radios transmit the most range with a ground plane and our 3db gain racing antenna. An aluminum roof with an antenna mounted in the center - with no obstructions (roof rack, light bar) 18" in every direction will provide the farthest range.

If you have a roof rack, light bar, you are mounting to a tube or roll cage and will not have a "ground plane" for your antenna - you need to exchange your 3db gain racing antenna for a "No Ground Plane Antenna."

If you have a roof rack - always mount your antenna at the highest point of the roof rack and use our No Ground Plane Antenna.

No Roof? Pick a spot in the middle of the vehicle. The intersection of tubing can help act as a ground plane. Mounting the antenna to a corner triangle tab, using our No Ground Plane antenna will work best.

Do not run radio coax and intercom helmet cables in the same wire loom. RF can bleed over when transmitting, putting noise into the system. Never run coax or radio power cables near MSD or other ignition equipment. They create noise! If the coax is close to the MSD, the RF bleed can be so powerful it can actually turn the vehicle off!

When tie wrapping the coax to the frame, be gentle! Do not crush the coax. If your coax looks flattened, kinked, frayed or worn, replace it. A $29.95 part can ruin thousands of dollars you have invested in a great communications system.

The truth about CFM's - 11-20-2018

Fresh Air systems in the racing industry are measured in CFM's because that's the number printed on the fan. That number may be accurate at the business end of the fan out of the box, but a lot more comes into play when you add a housing, ports, hoses, how it's mounted and how the hoses are run.

Different motors and housings create different torque and will more effectively push air through a hose and into your helmet.

PartVelocity (ft/min)
RaceAir Boost3200-3600
RaceAir Max SingleDual and Quad2700-3200
RaceAir Flow Single2400-2800
RaceAir Lite1600-1800
RaceAir Mini1200
Competitors M33000-3600

All numbers above are measured using a digital anemometer at the end of a 6' RaceAir hose. The range is due to different angles/bends of the hose we tested during the study. Keep in mind when mounting your RaceAir hoses, several bends will decrease airflow. RaceAir Mini number is measured at the output as it is mounted directly on the helmet without a hose.


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